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Our team, in association with many like minded organisations went on to a month long campaign on Gramsabha. The agenda of the campaign is to give awareness about the importance our participation in the  Gramsabha. Starting from Kuthambakkam Village, Tiruvallur District on 15.07.2017 we travelled across 21 districts covering over 73 villages.

Our campaign was a very planned one. In all the locations, our friendly organisations and individuals prepared for the meetings, awareness rally etc., We gave FAQ handbooks and leaflets on Gramsabha to the participants. On various locations we screened awareness videos.

The Campaign ended with a Gramsabha  meeting in the same Kuthambakkam village on 15.08.2017 covering a total travel of about 4000 kilometres. We could realise in due course of time, the education on the importance of strengthening local people institutions like Gramsabha is getting good support. We are thankful to all organisations and individuals who made this happen!

Gramsabha Awareness

As Gramsabha being a powerful tool for people to engage themselves directly in governance, we’re committed to strengthen it. By continuous campaign through road rally, workshops to the stake holders of local governance, interactions with self help group women leaders, farmers, village youths, field workers of various social organisations, college students etc., our team take this to more sections of the society and tries to make our democratic process more people centric.

Mock Gramsabhas

To understand what is gramsabha we do mock gramsabha which replicates the actual gramsabha meetings with interested volunteers. From that, people can understand the important and their role in gramsabha in a more interactive way.


Online Certification Course


The objective of this course is to provide participants with a broad overview of the local self-governments known as local Bodies. We believe that this course will encourage the participants to discuss about the local governments, grama Sabha, the opportunities/ rights of the common people, the need for participatory democracy and the current environment and to participate effectively in our own local governments.



Workshop on Governance

Socially conscious citizens and youths who participate in Gramsabha want to understand more on the system, the system of Local Governance.

We give workshop on Local Governance for various groups of people and organisations. During the workshop we introduce

  • Brief history of Local Governance in India
  • The Tamil Nadu Panchayats Act 1994
  • Roles & Responsibilities of elected representatives and the employees of village panchayats
  • Structure of the administration from village panchayat to the head of the Department of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj
  • Revenue resources and financial management of village panchayats
  • Standing committees

Interaction with students

Youth play a key role in democratising our public systems. Thannatchi visit colleges and interact with students. We share ideas on the importance on their active participation in the democratic process.

  • The functions of village panchayats
  • Lawful procedures of Gramsabha
  • The Schemes for rural development

are some of the topics in which we  interact with students. We get inspiration from their enthusiasm.