Local Governance

Local Governance

Posted 4 years ago

Start date: October 2
Duration: 1 year
Full time

About the program :

• Studying about 73rd and 74th amendment of Indian constitution
• Studying Acts, GO’s and notifications related to local government
• Studying News, Articles, Research papers related to local governance & decentralization
• Studying the different types of democratic systems and gramsabha
• Visiting the fields and taking surveys
• Compiling the data and publishing research papers

Learning opportunities :

• Gaining knowledge in Indian constitution
• Gaining knowledge about the rural governments and local governance
• Understanding the power structure and democracy
• Gaining knowledge in local economics and development
• Gaining knowledge in decentralization and devolution of powers

Skills: Basic knowledge on the current politics, Knowledge in Indian constitution & local governance

Who can apply:

Interested youngsters and students who can read and write in both Tamil and English
Persons who are willing to travel inside the rural of Tamil Nadu

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