How do Thannatchi get funds from? Who are the main funders?

We get funded from our friends and like minded organisations. Mostly we raise our request for funds only on the need basis. Only for specific purposes like a publication of a book, for organising a campaign or an event

What is the administrative structure of the organisation?

It’s well defined in our society’s by-law. General Body is the governing council of the society. The Executive Committee will function based on the directions of the General Body. The General Secretary is responsible for day to day affairs of the society.

How was the internal democratic functioning is ensured in the organisation?

Election for the post of office bearers will be conducted once in two years.

Executive Committee meets once in three months and reviews the organisations issues of the organisations and plans for the future activities based on the directions given by the General Body

The Annual financial transactions and the activities of the organisation should get the approval of the General Body every year.

Other than local governance what are the other domains Thannatchi work for?

Democracy is our key area. As Sustainable livelihood greatly influences to maintain democratic values we support initiatives which addresses the sustainable livelihood.

How do you collaborate with other social organisations working for good cause?

We voluntarily get ourselves introduced to many community organisations at the local level working in villages & small towns on different domains. We get acquitained with the organisation and conduct workshops to their field workers & volunteers on local governance

Are your projects confined to Tamil Nadu or do you focus on other states also?

As of now, we work only in Tamil Nadu. If future, we will work in the other parts of the country as well

What are the milestones or the future plans you have?

  • A detailed plan document at every panchayat by 2021
  • A minimum of twenty empowered volunteers at all the village panchayats of Tamil Nadu before 2022
  • To build a strong team of volunteers at all the Districts, Unions , Village Panchayats and in all the Corporations, Municipalities and Town Panchayats by 2024
  • We wish to take the message on the importance of decentralised governance to each and every citizen of this country by 2025

What are your initiatives to influence the policy level decisions by the government?

  • We communicate our concerns on the issues through Press Release
  • Share our thoughts in the Televison Media
  • Articles in the magazines
  • Representations to the concerned Government Departments