Our team, in association with many like minded organisations went on to a month long campaign on Gramsabha.

The agenda of the campaign is to give awareness about the importance our participation in the  Gramsabha. Starting from Kuthambakkam Village, Tiruvallur District on 15.07.2017 we travelled across 21 districts covering over 73 villages.

Our campaign was a very planned one. In all the locations, our friendly organisations and individuals prepared for the meetings, awareness rally etc., We gave FAQ handbooks and leaflets on Gramsabha to the participants.

On various locations we screened awareness videos.

The Campaign ended with a Gramsabha  meeting in the same Kuthambakkam village on 15.08.2017 covering a total travel of about 4000 kilometres

We could realise in due course of time, the education on the importance of strengthening local people institutions like Gramsabha is getting good support

We are thankful to all organisations and individuals who made this happen!